Welcome To is dedicated to enhancing personal and professional satisfaction by teaching the principles of internal control psychology.  Human beings are active, not reactive. We are internally motivated, not controlled by outside stimuli. If you agree that the carrot and stick approach has taken us as far as it can and that our behavior is not determined simply by offering enticements laced with the fear of being punished, internal control psychology will make sense to you. will help you create non-coercive schools, homes, and work environments where people are inspired to do their best in a joyful atmosphere characterized by productivity and collaboration.



To help people increase their personal and professional satisfaction and effectiveness through the teaching and practice of internal control psychology.



• People are internally motivated.

• Outside events never “make” us do anything.

• We are responsible for our behavior.

• “Responsibility” is not a negative term.  We are responsible for our success and happiness as well as our difficulties.

• We always have some choice about how to behave, even in the most restrictive settings.

• Behavior is purposeful.

• People are doing the best they can to meet their needs.

• When people learn responsible, effective behaviors that satisfy their needs, they will decrease their use of less responsible, less effective behaviors.

• When we take responsibility for our lives, we are personally and professionally more satisfied.

Bob Sullo 

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