Feedback From Participants & Readers

Feedback from Workshop Participants

“Absolutely the best training I have ever attended! Bob Sullo is an excellent presenter who models what he presents!” – Jennifer, English teacher

“This is the very best conference that I have ever attended. Bob Sullo brings an energy and vigor that makes me want to run back to the classroom and try these principles.” – Al, English teacher

“A well done workshop! Great foundation – I want to know more.” – Pamela

“Energetic instructor.  Very practical ways to use ideas immediately in the classroom.  Changes how you look at students’ behavior.” – Phyllis, Title I teacher

“Great workshop.  The Basic Intensive Week made me want to learn more about choice theory and pursue certification.” – Shirley, school counselor

“Overwhelmingly positive and inspiring.  Fully enjoyed and believe in your outlook on dealing with all students.” – Robert, classroom teacher

“Your common sense approach and advice is unfortunately far too uncommonly applied.  Keep spreading the news.” –  Matthew, school administrator

“Bob teaches valuable ideas in a way that is personally and intellectually engaging. He cares deeply for the material he teaches and the people to whom he teaches it. -Jon Erwin, Author & Senior Faculty for William Glasser International

Feedback from Readers

Teach Them To Be Happy

“Happy children become good students and develop into responsible, independent adults.  Bob Sullo shows parents and teachers how to teach very young people in a way that is fun and useful to them in their daily lives.”  William Glasser, MD

“Everyone who works with young children should read Teach Them To Be Happy.”  Albert Mamary, PhD

Teach Them To Be Happy should be required reading for all adults who are concerned about helping children grow and become responsible people.” – Brad Greene, educational consultant


Inspiring Quality in Your School:  From Theory to Practice

“A unique book! A balance between theory and what really happens in schools.  An excellent addition to everyone’s professional reading list.”  Evelyn Johnson Mims, retired English/Drama teacher

“I loved it! Timely, practical, inspirational.  I’m eager to share this book with my colleagues.” – Neil Chivington, school counselor/social worker

“This book presents inspiring, original, and invaluable insights for all educators.”  – Marian Trainor, former elementary teacher & media specialist


The Inspiring Teacher:  Making A Positive Difference In Students’ Lives

“As someone who is very familiar with Choice Theory, I highly recommend it. If you don’t know much about Choice Theory, this is a great way to learn about its practical applications.”  – Bette Blance, President William Glasser Institute-New Zealand

“A must read for every parent and educator! Using the practical strategies suggested in The Inspiring Teacher will help children develop a greater sense of internal control and the motivation so succeed.”  – Sylvia Habel, Past President William Glasser Institute-Australia